A caring,
dedicated staff.

Our devoted healthcare team “staff to patient” ratio is an un-rivaled 1 to 4. As a result, each staff member has fewer residents to care for than other facilities in Georgia, so we can provide a much higher level of care, giving extra attention and time to each resident. In addition, many of our staff have been with us for 10-30 years. Perhaps our interactive qualities explain why we have such a low staff turnover in an industry where the norm is 50%-75% annually!

Luxurious, dignified surroundings.

With only 25 private suites and penthouse apartments in Sandy Springs/Buckhead and 50 suites in Cumming/Johns Creek in a traditional environment, our intimate size and elegant decor of antique furnishings and a collection of Norman Rockwell Prints hand-signed by the iconic artist create an exceptional residential lifestyle where the dignity of each individual is paramount and the natural result of our intimate size.

Exquisite, attention to detail.

We leave nothing to chance. From rounded edges on the furniture to soft wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the building, to top security measures, we are highly experienced caretakers with flexible schedules for care needs, activities and medical/nursing attention. We maintain a 24-hour staff on the premises, yet we are flexible and sensitive to daily fluctuations in a resident’s condition and adjust accordingly. We have thought of everything and cater to every need. No need or wish is too small for our immediate attention.

“Silver Tray Service”.

Our hospitality services include our famous, 24/7 “Silver Tray Service” delivering outstanding meals prepared by our on staff, first-class, private-chefs who gladly honor all special requests and diets. As you might expect, our menu is legendary. After all, we pioneered the whole concept of “superb assisted living dining in elegant residential surroundings.” There is no extra charge for this special service!

Wonderful, nutritious meals.

Our top chefs do more than simply prepare meals. We create an experience like you might find in a four star restaurant, with fine cutlery and distinctive table settings. In this inviting space, residents can interact, or not, with fellow diners in exquisitely appointed dining rooms. While dietary restrictions are of course followed each day, we are committed to serving outstanding cuisine that is delicious , healthy and nutritious.

Our Care Promised.

Our all inclusive, Bundled Rates include complete hospitality, health and individual care services. There are no “surprise charges” at the end of the month or questions about the amount of care freely extended to your loved one. Our nursing, activity, dietary and administrative staff provide whatever level of care is needed, hour by hour, to meet each family’s wishes and requirements. You will never be asked to hire additional caregivers for your family member beyond what we automatically provide everyone. More importantly, you will never be asked to move your family member because we will always provide the 24/7 care needs of every resident for true Age-in-Place living.

Reasons why the mann house is preferred

Our distinguished 30 year track record of serving Atlanta and Cumming families with unmatched dedication to providing excellent care.

Our average day Healthcare Team staff to resident ratio is 1:4–1:6. Each staff member has fewer residents to care for than other properties, thus we are able to provide a much higher level of care and attention to each resident. Average night 1:8–1:10.

Our staff and management has the lowest turnover (less than 10% yearly) rate of any assisted living residence. Quality people obviously want to work at the top quality assisted living in Atlanta.

Our intimate size of 25 (Sandy Springs) and 50 (Cumming) residents in each community, creates an exceptional residential environment and dignified lifestyle guaranteeing individual attention and close, meaningful relationships with the staff. The quality of life for our residents at The Mann House is unequaled by any other residential/care home community.

Our hospitality services include our famous “Silver Tray Service.” It is available anytime.


Our State 100% licensed nursing personnel, RN’s, CNA’s and Med Techs, provide 24 hour assistance with our Medical Director on call as appropriate and necessary.

Our fine chefs prepare outstanding menus and gladly honor all medical and specific requests/diets. Our menu is legendary; we pioneered excellent dining in elegant surroundings for assisted living 30+ years ago.

Our Bundled, all-inclusive rates include all health and individual There are no “surprise charges” at the end of the month necessitating questions about the amount of care provided. Our staff provides whatever level of care is needed, hour by hour, to meet each resident’s wishes and requirements.

Our willingness and ability to provide personal contact references from families of current and prior residents over many years. It’s what they think, and how they feel about The Mann House that’s really most important!

Our unique ability to manage high level (acute) care residents while they Age-in-Place, and letting families be secure in knowing we adjust to each resident’s required level of care and not the other way around. People who may otherwise be institutionalized in a nursing home are often appropriate for The Mann House because of our capability of handling acute care residents’ needs whether cognitive impairments or advanced chronic issues.

Only The Mann House owner and leadership team have 30 continuous years of experience in providing skilled nursing, medical services, home health and hospice to our residents. We were the first Assisted Living residence anywhere to arrange for hospice services, in-house, for our residents. We own [2] hospice inpatient units.

Why People Prefer The Mann House