Frequently Asked Questions.

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1 to 4, which is increased daily as necessary for each resident’s changing needs. The Mann House surpasses all other assisted living properties in this most important category-the industry average is around 1:5-15 staff to resident ratio.

Superb. The Mann House was among the first in the country to offer top tier chef prepared meals. We cater to our residents’ special dietary needs.

This is key because families understand that high staff turnover translates into superficial, distant relationships of staff with each resident. The Mann House’s turnover is less than 5% a year. We truly offer a family-like community. Many of our people have been with The Mann House 10 to 30 years!

Entry fees begin at $5,250/month. Our Director of Healthcare, Cheryl Hylton, RN, will personally conduct a thorough evaluation with the prospective resident and family and together arrive at the level of care required. Depending upon that level, the entry fee may increase or decrease.

All staff at The Mann House are State of Georgia licensed CNA’s, Medical Technicians, LPN’s, RN’s or MD’s.

There will probably be no reason for him to move for major changes in his health condition. Nearly every resident at The Mann House passes on from here. The one exception might be a resident that ends up in the ICU of a hospital and is unable to return to The Mann House. Our staffing levels enable us to take care of most any level of need, be it for chronic issues or advanced Alzheimer’s and Memory Care.

Our founder Charles H. Mann III and his family. The Mann House opened in 1988 as the first dedicated Alzheimer’s care facility in Atlanta. To this day, The Mann family owns and operates Licensed Assisted Living and Hospice properties which are named after Charles Mann Jr. MD/PHD, who suffered with Alzheimer’s for 17 years and is the legacy of The Mann House.