Legacy of The Mann House

Our founder’s father, Dr. Charles H. Mann Jr, was the inspiration for The Mann House. He was a Doctor of Public Health and a nationally prominent physician, educator and pharmaceutical research executive. His exemplary inspiration, dedication, and lifelong pursuit of medical answers for some of humanity’s most destructive diseases, along with his personal struggle with Alzheimer’s over 17 years, is the legacy of The Mann House.

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Chairman Emeritus
Charles H. Mann Jr., M.D., PH.D.

Dignitaries at the initial launch of The Mann House/Atlanta, 1988, include Charles H. Mann III, Marjorie Mann, Board Members and Distinguished Healthcare Guests. Also in attendance was Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor Pierre Howard who spoke in honor of the grand opening ceremonies.
For 30 years, The Mann House has been renowned for its higher level of Alzheimer’s care. Here at The Mann House/Atlanta, in the early days of its pioneering concepts, Founder Charles H. Mann III presents the annual “Charles H. Mann MD Memorial Caregiving Award,” in honor of his father who suffered with Alzheimer’s for 17 years, to Dr. Lewis Sullivan, Surgeon General of the United States.
Our founder Charles H. Mann III and his wife Louise own and operate The Mann House with the highest levels of integrity and care. Over the years, their gentle white boxer “Winnie” became a cherished member of the family, beloved by staff, residents and families alike.