Our Heritage and Legacy

Each phase of life, whether youth, middle or old age, presents new health challenges. So, we are here with our commitment, decades of experience and support, uniquely equipped to assist you with the great majority of your loved one’s needs. That’s among the many reasons people choose The Mann House over other options. We have a distinguished record of serving residents and families for over thirty (30) years.

This makes us the most experienced provider of Alzheimer’s/Dementia advanced Memory Care and chronic issues such as Parkinson’s and ALS in a residential setting in our region.

Our founder’s father, Charles H. Mann Jr. MD, PHO was the inspiration for The Mann House. During his notable career he was a Medical Doctor and Doctor of PublicHealth, a nationally prominent physician, educator, infectious diseases expert and pharmaceutical research executive.

Dr. Mann’s exemplary inspiration, dedication and lifelong pursuit of medical solutions for some of humanity’s most destructive diseases, along with his own personal struggle with Alzheimer’s over 17 years, is the legacy of The Mann Houses.

To honor our legacy, we have created The CH Mann MD, Memorial Caregiving Award presented yearly to one individual or group which has performed exceptional service to the community and/or Alzheimer’s sufferers. This 501c3 Foundation has been presenting this special honorarium since 1995.

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Chairman Emeritus
Charles H. Mann Jr., M.D., PH.D.