Our enduring care philosophy and care record since 1988.

Each phase of life, aging or health issues carries its own challenges. So, we are here with strength and support, uniquely equipped to assist you with the great majority of your loved one’s healthcare needs, allowing residents to Age-in-Place gracefully.

As the most experienced provider of advanced Memory Care in a residential setting, we have a long and distinguished record of serving Atlanta and Cumming residents and families for thirty years. As a leading pioneer in the Alzheimer’s and assisted living fields, we provide your loved one close, meaningful staff relationships in a dignified, warm and secure lifestyle.


Composed by Charles Mann III for the opening of The Mann House Sandy Springs in 1988.

We promise to devote our love, strength and understanding daily to bring as much happiness, confidence, self-esteem, security and well being as possible to our family of residents. We understand that the real value of our care giving is not measured by our education and credentials or even by our years of experience. It is rather the amount of heart and giving of ourselves, which we willingly share with our resident family members.

We pledge to create in our homes an atmosphere of friendship, care and love, realizing that an unexpected hug, a gentle taking of a hand or a whispered compliment can do more good and bring more joy than we can imagine.

We dedicate and commit ourselves to offering a quality of care and service to our residents, which will only be second to the family’s or special friend’s love and concern.

With the help of a devoted, loving and dedicated management and staff; the family’s and special friend’s interest and love; and with the protection and guidance of God, we make this pledge to each resident and to his/her family and friends.


To add quality care to the lives of those we serve.


To be a leader in healthcare delivery to seniors that touches the lives of our residents with care, compassion and skill.


We will identify and work in targeted markets with a passion for developing community specific healthcare services that make a positive and measurable difference in the lives of those we serve. Compassionate care will be our hallmark. People will say their communities are better because we are there. We will partner and align with those of like missions to forge programs that achieve positive clinical and financial outcomes and are known for outstanding customer satisfaction. We will continuously seek to improve services with enthusiasm and openness to change. We will take individual ownership of and accountability for our actions to advance our purpose. We will be a vital part of the communities we serve and our care will be reflected in all we do.


Compassionate Care and Service

Strive for Continuous Improvement

Be Open to Positive Change

Can-Do Attitude, Never Relax Our Standards

Practice the “Golden Rule”