For an automated guided tour through the property, just click the ‘Play’ button in the bottom left corner. (To go back to the previous room, click the Left or ‘Previous’ arrow next to the ‘Play’ button at any point. Click the Right or ‘Next’ arrow to go to the next room. At any point, you can click and drag inside the tour to “look around.”Clicking in a room or down a hallway will take you to the next point possible. In this way, you may explore on your own.)

You can also navigate using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Left and Right will turn you in those directions. When facing a hallway or open room, the Up key will move you forward to the closest point possible. The Down key will move you back to the nearest point behind you. (Note, when using the keys it’s important to remember where you are pointed. So use the Left/Right keys to “Aim” in the direction you want to move, then push the ‘Up’ key to move there.)

Also in the bottom left corner of the window is a small Up arrow. Pressing this will show you the guided tour thumbnails. Click on any thumbnail to instantly go to that spot in the property.

On the bottom right side of the tour, you will see a viewing button, which will take the tour into ‘Full Screen’ mode. To resume regular size, simply click the ‘Full Screen’ button again. Directly above are Plus and Minus buttons. These will zoom in or out of the tour for a closer look at any point.